Garbage and Recycling Pick Up Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

AL Hwy 87 (Elba Hwy)

Academy Circle

Acorn Way 

A St.

Barron Rd.

Anderson St.

Academy St.

Airport Rd.

Allen St.

Botts Ave.

Ann St.

Alphonza Byrd

Allison Ave.

B St.

Boxwood Rd.

Anna Marcum Ct .

Arrowhead Dr, N

Andrew Ave.

Banks St.

Briarwood Dr.

Anna St.

Aster Ave.

Arrow Woods Est


Brookwood Dr.

Azalea Ct.

Aster Cir.

Ashley Ave.

Blackman St.

Countrywood Rd.

Blind Jack Rd.

Babcock St.

Brantley Trailer Pk 

Botts Ave.

County Rd 14

Brannon Ln.

Boatner St.

Bryan St.

Bruce St.

County Rd 26

Braswell St.

Booker St.

Butler Dr.

Brundidge Blvd.

Cross Creek Circle

Briar Hill Way

Bowden Rd.

Cardinal Ave.

Brundidge St.

Crowhill Rd.

Buchanan Rd.

Boyd St.

Childs Rd.

Bula St.

Dean St.

Bush St.

Butter and Egg Rd.

Curtis Dr.

Camellia St.

Deerfield Dr.

Carroll Circle

Carver Dr.

Dogwood Dr.

Center St.


Carroll St.

Central St. 

Dove Ave.

Central Ave.

Dozier Dr.



Eagle Dr.

Charold St.

Elm St Rd (Blocks 500-2200) 

Club Rd.

Cherry St.

Edgewood Dr.

Church St.

Forest  Ave.

Country Club Rd.

Copeland St.

Ellis Dr.

College Dr.

George Wallace Dr (Blocks 201-220 & 512-682) 

County Road 27


Enzor Dr.

Collegedale St.

Glenwood Ave.

Crescent Dr.

County Rd 7 

Evan Ave.

Corley St.

Hampton Ave.

Dale Dr.

Dempt Walker Dr.

Falcon Dr.

Corman Ave.

Hardwood Ridge Ln.

Deer Stand Hill 

Diana St.

Forest Acres Dr.

Cowart Circle

Highland Ave.

Diamond Fields Dr.

Dr. L.C. McMillian Ave.

Gibson Hill

Cox St.

Hillside Mobile Home Pk 

Elizabeth Ct.

Dunbar Dr.

Green Dr.

Crowe St.

Holly Dr.

Ellen Dr.

East Walnut St.

Greenleaf Way.

Curry Circle

Homewood Ave.

Emerald Dr.

Farrior St.

Hickory Dr.

Daisy Ct.

Honeysuckle Rd.

Emily Ct.

Fox St.

Highpoint Cir.

Dunn Circle

Kervin Dr.

Enzor Rd.

Gibbs St.

Jack Ave.

East St.

Laruel Ln.

Farmer St.

Harrison St.

Jasmine Way 

Elm St.

Lashae Ln.

Flavia Circle

Henderson St.

Jones Park Ln.

First Ave.

Live Oak Dr.

Forest Circle

Hillside Dr.

Kate Ave.

First St.

Magnolia St.

Gail St.

Hubbard St.

Lakeview Cir.

Floyd St.

Mallard Dr.

Garden Ln.

Jail St.

Lakewood Dr.

Folmar St.

Monroe St.

H & L St.

Jasmine Ct.

Laura Ave.

Gamble St.

Mountain Brook L.n

Happy Hollow

John Lewis Dr.

Los Robles Dr.

George Wallace Dr.


Henderson Hwy.

Jones St.

Montgomery Hwy.

Griffin St.

North Franklin Dr.

Holmes St.

Kennedy St.

Nat Ave.

Hanchey St.

Old Cabin Rd.

Indian Greek Trail 

Lesters Rd.

Oak Grove Rd.

Hilltop Dr.

Pine Ridge Dr.

Ingram Dr.

Lightfoot Dr.

Oak Park Way 


Pocosin Rd.

Irene Dr.

Lilac Ln.

Oak St.

Lawson Dr.


Jane Rd.

Lincoln St.

Oakleigh Dr.

Lee Ave.

Richmond Ave.

Jere Ln.

Magnolia Circle

Office Park Dr.

Lotus Ln.

Rifle Range Rd.

Jernigan St.

Mahone Ct.

Old Hwy 231

Love St.

Sherwood Ave.

Jo St.

Martin Luther King Dr.

Owl Dr.

Luther Dr.

Surry Ave.

Kaye Circle

Mills Dr.

Palos Verdes 

Madison Ave.

Sussex Ave. 

Kaye Ln.

Motes St.

Pecan Dr.

Market St.

Sweetbriar Rd. 

Kelly Ln.

Needmore Rd.

Phett Ave.

McKinley Dr.

Swindall Rd. 

Lakeside Dr.

New St.

Pilleys Crossing 

Meadow Lane (Blk 100) 

Sycamore Dr.

Lamar St.

Norman Rd.

Quail Ave.

Mincher St.

Timberbrook Dr.

Linda Ln.

North Knox Court 

River Ridge Rd.

Montgomery St.

University Ave.

Long Bread Way 

North Knox St.

Riverview Dr.

Mulberry St.

Wisteria Circle

Lynnwood Rd.

North Three Notch St.

Robin Dr.

Mullis St.

Woodley Ave.

Madalyn Ln.

Oakland Heights Dr.

Royal Oaks Tr. Pk 

Normal St.

Yeardley St.

Maple St.

Orchard St.

Sandra Cir.



Margaret Ln.

Peacock St .

Shady Grove Rd.

Park St.


Martha George Hall 

Pine St (Blocks 100-200) 

Sleepy Hollow Dr.

Pecan St.


McKee Ln.

Plum St. 

Southland Tr. Pk

Pell Ave.


McNeil St.

Ponderosa Dr.

Sparrow Dr.

Pike St.


McPherson Dr .

Poplar St.

Sunset Villa Apt.

Pinckard St.


Meadow Ln.

Radio Station Rd.

Walters St. (300 Block)

Ray Ave.


Merrily Dr.

Railroad Ave.

Warbler Ave.

Segars Ct.


Michael Dr.

Rose Circle

Willow Way 

Segars Ln.


Mike St.

Senn Ct.

Woodlawn Way.

Segars St.


Mobley Dr.

Shipman Circle

Wren Ave.

Smith St.


Monticello Dr.

Smith Ave.


South Folmar St.


Murphree St.

South Knox St.


South Pecan St.


North Hunter Ln.



South 3 Notch St.


Orion St.

Tanyard St.




Pace St.

Troy State University Hwy


St. Paul St.


Pam St.

Turnipseed Ave.


State St.


Pierson St.

Union Hill Rd.




Pike County Lake Rd.



Tate St.


Pike Manor St.

Walters St.


Thompson St.


Pine Forest Circle

Warren Ct.


West Madison St.


Pine St (Blocks 600-800) 

Washington Ave.


Whaley St.


Primrose Path 

West College St.


Wildwood Dr.


Prospect Ridge Rd.

West Walnut St.


Woodland Circle


Richard St.

Williams St.


Youngblood St.


Rick St.

Woodland Hills Dr.




Ruth Rd.





Sage St.





Sara Dr.





Shadow Ln.





Shady Grove Trail 





Shiloh St.





Smart Rd.





South Hillcrest Blvd 





South Hunter Ln.





Spradley Dr.





Sun St.





Taylor Dr.





Tennille Ln.





Terrace Trail 





Thomas Circle





Todd St.





Trojan Way 





Vicki Ln.





Vincent Ave.





Vine St.





Watkins Ct.





West Fairview St.





West Orange St.





White Dr.





Whitetail Way 





Wildridge Dr.





Willow St.





Youngblood Rd.