Defensive Driving

The Troy Municipal Court offers defensive driving courses in two categories (over 25 in age and under 25 in age). If you are over 25, you can apply to attend the Enterprise Safety Center Driver Improvement Program.  If you are under 25, you will need to apply for the “It Won’t Happen to Me” class. You must have a practically clean record & your citation must qualify to be approved for these classes after you apply. Your driving record will be checked before acceptance.

Steps to apply:

  1. Your citation must be a NON-court mandated citation (click here to see list of qualifying citations). If your citation is court mandated, it doesn’t qualify for either class. You must attend court.
  2. Click here to print an application, ask for an application at our window, request an application via email, or come to court on your court date and apply.
  3. Your application will not be considered until the $50.00 application fee is paid. You can pay via credit card over email, money order through the mail, or in person at our window.
  4. If you are denied, you must attend the next recommended court date or pay out your citation in a timely manner.
  5. If you are accepted, you will then follow the instructions given to you by this office after the acceptance.
  6. You will then need to pay for the class and also pay the court cost in the case. There is no FINE added to the citation if you go to either class. It is waived. The total costs of attending either class is very comparable to the alternate route of merely paying the citation and letting it go on your MVR.
  7. If you successfully pay the application fee, pay the court costs, pay & attend the class, your citation will be Nolle Prosse. This means the City of Troy will select not to prosecute the case and there will not be a conviction sent to the Department of Public Safety. Thus, your insurance will not go up and no points hedged against your driver’s license.


*Under Age 25 Driving Class                                                 * Over 25 Driver Improvement Class