Recycling by definition is the reuse of materials, either pre-consumer or post-consumer, that would ordinarily be considered waste. Recycling helps lessen the amount of waste that goes into landfills, helps reduce the amount of toxic chemicals absorbed into the earth and, in some cases, significantly reduces manufacturing costs and energy consumption. Your effort will reduce the cost of handling garbage within the City of Troy. Recycling will also help to reduce the amount of litter that we see in our City.

To understand how our recycling program works, it is crucial to recognize that recycling is not a profit -making venture. Our goal is to reuse these materials at a cost which is less than other disposal cost. Residents must provide us with a clean, usable product. The city must collect and deliver this product in an efficient manner, and the Troy Recycling Center must be able to separate, process, and dispose of the material at the greatest possible price. If we all do our share, we will all save in the long run; but none of us can carry the burden alone.

For your convenience, you may pick up green recycling bags for no charge at Troy City Hall, the Troy Public Library or the Recycling Center.  Please plan for your recycled items to be picked up on the same day which your garbage is picked up.  To view the complete City of Troy Recycling Guide, click the photo at the top right of this page.

Recycling Schedule - Identical to the Garbage Schedule



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