Police Chief’s Welcome

Welcome to the Troy Police Department.   The Troy Police Department is comprised of dedicated sworn officers.   I am extremely proud of the individuals that make up my organization here at the Troy Police Department. They will always provide you with the highest level of quality and professional service that you deserve.   Their presence can be found in our community, whether it is on patrol or responding to an emergency.   We want to maintain high visibility and accessibility in the community.   If you see one of our officers out in the community, remember that they are there for you.   We are here to enforce the law, ensure your public safety, and respond to citizens in need.

The Department is broken down in many specialty positions. Officer assignments include K-9k, Field Training, Crime Scene Technician, Crime Prevention, Juvenile, Criminal Investigator, Narcotics Investigator, Public Housing Officer and School Resource Officer.

The Troy Police Department is striving to meet the needs of its citizens, whether it is a simple service call or an emergency. For emergency assistance please call 911 and for non-emergency calls please call 334-566-0500.

For those interested in a career with the Troy Police Department, please check out our website. It is a way of life. You can choose it by serving and protecting your community.

James J. Ennis

Chief of Police