Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit of the Troy Police Department is responsible for enforcing state and city laws regarding the care and keeping of domestic animals in the city. The Unit investigates nuisance complaints such as barking dogs. It also investigates animal bites and animal abuse complaints, and further impounds animals as appropriate. Animal control officers can issue citations as necessary in order to enforce laws. In addition, animal control officers educate the public in areas such as responsible pet ownership and proper care of pets. Animal Control’s most common complaints are reports of stray dogs and cats.

Here is some information that may be helpful:

Your pet is required by law to be vaccinated yearly for rabies.
The City of Troy has a restraint law for dogs to prevent them from running loose and endangering themselves, other animals or the public.
Did you know you can adopt a pet through the Animal Control Unit at no charge? Call the Troy Police Department at 334.566.0500 to set up a meeting to adopt your new pet.
Having your pet spayed or neutered can prevent overpopulation as well as health and behavioral problems.
When calling to report an animal that is running loose, please give a basic description of the animal, where it was last seen, and any other information that may be helpful.
Always be cautious when encountering any unknown animal. Don’t try to catch it or pick it up!

Information on Fines

First Offense Verbal Warning
Second Offense  $162.00 (plus court costs)
Third Offense $187.00 (plus court costs)
Fourth Offense  $237.00 (plus court costs)

Fines are Per Calendar Year


Animal Control:

Mike Hughes, Animal Control Officer

Address: Troy Police Department
300 East Elm Street

Hours: 8:00 a.m.  –  5:00 p.m.
Monday  –  Friday

Mail: P.O. Box 549
Troy,  AL   36081-0549

Phone: 334-566-0500

Click HERE to email Animal Control